I'm surprised there still doesn't seem to be an and friendly theme that's just ready to go for people?

@sikkdays does Hugo even use a database? I was under the impression that it was 100% flat-file, like Jekyll.

@sean @sikkdays It is. So?

I know of some people rolling their own. @jle e.g. Suggesting to join #indieweb-dev on IRC, Matrix, Slack or Discord. They are all bridged.

@bekopharm @sikkdays @jle it's just that, in my experience, AP platforms depend heavily on databases to make the federation component work. I haven't really seen a platform do this that didn't have one.

I guess I just assumed they were a requirement. Just made my Hugo blog work with ActivityPub today (currently it supports accepting follow requests and translates replies to webmentions). It doesn't have a database and ActivityPub doesn't need a database at all and can work with just flat files and a dynamic part that sends and handles the HTTP requests, perfectly fine.

My announcement from today:

@jle @sean @sikkdays It's kinda off how flat files are becoming a thing again.

We used to do this years ago because database usually came at a cost on cheap web hosting. I even hosted a forum once that used txt files for it's posts and replies - assembled from disk on each request made it just ungodly slow 😆

@jle @bekopharm @sean I suppose I need to look at again. I just started feeling as if the model would not work for me because so many of the silos are locking down their APIs and not allowing their comments & posts outside their system. Thus, I thought I might want to focus on having a blog work with

@sikkdays @jle @sean You can have both. I do. Micro blog rolls it's own implementation but there is also making use of microformats and Webmentions.

@bekopharm @jle @sean My friend and co-host was trying to get me into Micro blog, but I think I need to sit down and really decide what I want.

I want my blog to be more conversation friendly. So I want comments, but something like webmentions is nice so people don't have to sign up for another thing. Since I deleted FB, and may eventually ditch birbsite, it would be nice if the blog worked well with my friends here on Masto.

@sikkdays my "stack" is just WP with some fine plugins. While not yet satisfied with the ActivityPub plugin it is possible to follow and comment via e.g. Mastodon too: @beko

It's okay. It's beta or sth. Limitations are known.

@bekopharm Yeah, that's what @sean did with @blog

I left WP after using it for years. Since my code ability is a lil' CSS & HTML, I was using 5-7 plugins. Each with its own trackers. Not to mention WP can be resource hungry.

I am using Known at the moment, but I really like the flat-file idea and I write in Markdown anyway. So, it would be nice to use something similar to Hugo, where my content is on my PC and the web. Lazy backup 🤣

@jle @bekopharm @sean @sikkdays not to mention the fact that cheap SSD based hosting has brought the performance needed for this kind of setup.

I'd still prefer sqlite over unstructured text, though.

@sikkdays I have made my own theme to have some basic #Indieweb support: #microformats2 and #webmention.

For #activitypub, it's out of my pay grade.. probably won't work on a static site?

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