knitting is hard...

I thought I'd try to do a bracelet to just get the basics down and use up some yarn, but I think the yarn is too small for my needles. I shall have to try another yarn and stop being cheap.

@sikkdays I am also learning to knit and easy mode is tight-twist acrylic and you do a scarf. I was advised don't do anything more complicated until you can do the actual needle maneuvers without much PFC use

@dualhammers Thanks. I think I was casting on too tight as well. I switched to a bulkier yarn and it went a bit better. I screwed up once and have to start again, but it's coming a bit better.

@dualhammers straight needles. I got some inexpensive circular on order.

@dualhammers It would have probably helped if I found a lefty tutorial. haha! Doing it right-handed is good for my brain, I guess.

@sikkdays you're going to want a round either way. Curved stuff with a straight is a bear

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