pre-Netflix TV:
The number of viewers of show equals the amount of dollars to charge advertisers equals show's budget and network profit.

post-Netflix TV:
Viewer numbers don't matter. Subscribers pay budget. However, number of new subscribers equals whether a show will continue because that equals profit.

@sikkdays except that netflix is counting on us to be too lazy to switch services if they cancel our favourite show. So they pay for the first two seasons to get new subscribers in, then cancel the show to avoid paying the show runners what they'd otherwise demand based on having a successful show.

Somebody posted an article about that here a short while back.

@sikkdays I hate advertising with a fiery passion therefor the second option sounds much more appealing to me.

@jeena You and I are brothers when it comes to the passionate distaste for advertising. I'm just sick of he capitalist model of more. Sustainable fans can support a show. Eventually, Netflix cannot get new subscribers if they already have everyone.

BTW I really loved the podcast from your trip.

@sikkdays thanks, there are two more parts to it which will be released monthly.

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