@Rheall what do you stretch your watercolor paper on?

@sikkdays You can see here! It's a piece of wood panel meant for painting on. It has wider/reinforced edges so it resists buckling more than a flat piece of wood would. I bought it at my local art store.

I soak my paper and then tape it to the board using gum tape (the brown tape). Once it's dried, it should stay flat and won't buckle when you paint, no matter how much water your use. I then use the masking tape to block my edges. :bob_ross:

Then you just remove the art and reuse the board!

@sikkdays Keep in mind that the gum tape leaves residue behind and is nigh impossible to remove without ripping the paper a bit, so make sure you give yourself lots of room between it and the painting itself. Sometimes I just end up cutting the art out with an exacto knife and remove the tape from the board after to make sure I don't end up ripping the painting itself.

@Rheall Thanks, I watched a video a while ago about soaking, something I have never done. They had a board similar to yours. I was just curious if it was necessary. So, I thought I would ask what you use. I just went to an art supply store and say a board that was like $80. Yikes.

I'm going to try ironing a finished piece to remove any warping for now. Wish me luck.

@sikkdays Oh wow, yikes. :( I think mine was less that $10…

You can tape it to anything, really, scrap wood works, as well as MDF. Just so long as it resists water reasonably well and won't buckle/warp under the pressure.

I know a lot of people tape directly to their art desks, but I didn't want to risk the gum paste residue on a permanent surface, and also it helps to have something you can move around.

I wish you all the luck! Ironing should work, but try it out on a test painting first! ^^

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