Journalism is entertainment like Neil Postman said. Except modern journalists don't get the salaries entertainers do. Splinter talks to some people recently fired in a Slack channel. Of course, they were contractors, not employees. This is the gig economy at work.

"Long described the Mandatory sites as a “content farm” that was massively underpaying its workers. For 120-150 posts a month, he said, he was paid $500, which he said averaged out to about $5 a post;" 1/?

"recently, he said, he got a raise to $600 a month. More recently, he was told that if he went to an event or junket for a story, he could count it twice on his invoice, for a total of $10 for that story."

This is the world we live in. That is until AI can write stories after being fed data. 2/2

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