I saw a woman walking in & out of a intersection. Obviously, she was in duress. There was a real lack of compassion from drivers. Most were shouting at her. That 7 seconds she was in the road was an affront to the false sense of control the dehumanizing cars gave them.
Cars give us a real walls to put up. Cars are full of MY stuff, MY radio station, MY speed, MY control. Not all drivers are like this, but it seems to be a danger.

Public transit can be a joint venture, all of us on the same bus, living life.
Cars are another form of technology that give a false sense of connection. I can go where I WANT. I can see people WHEN I want. And yet, they can isolate us from humanity. Get out of my way, you're going to slow, red Jetta. We don't have empathy for the other drivers, humans.

Television and mobile phones are similar to cars. They are truly isolating, yet we think we're getting a human connection by watching a show or sports event with millions of others. We're on FB with others, but the flat screens keep us disconnected emotionally. Those all important face-to-face connections are missing. Then humans, real people, become less than human. They become groups we choose to hate. Though, they are individuals we have never met.

@sikkdays I think this is an illusion, the idea that we somehow now have less contact. It is nothing new. I walked around with my walkman, headphones on in the 80's, and before that people were preoccupied with other stuff.

There ARE a lot MORE of us now, though, which means we need to care more. But I do not think we somehow care LESS than in the past.

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