The China firewall is extreme.
However, there is technology at Youtube (Google) and Facebook to audit ISIS content. Yet, they don't use it for racist posts.

This is not motivated from some sort of benevolent place of free speech, but IT MAKES THEM MONEY.

That's truly sick. That's why you should encourage people to leave their platforms.


Completely agree with this. Use decentralized platforms that are secure and respect human rights - including but not limited to privacy. Let's move towards a more ethical web.

What plataform do you use to replace youtube?

@jolt2bolt it's difficult to avoid if your friends and followers share from it. I like to put the links in hooktube when I'm given YouTube content. It's not perfect. I just have to keep supporting PeerTube and help it grow.

Yeah... That's my problem. All the learning content I use it is in youtube. Heard about peertube but I haven't given a try. By the way, this hooktube what exactly is?

@jolt2bolt It was a good way to watch without Google getting data, but that changed sadly.

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