There is no app more desperate for your eyeballs than . I would not be surprised to get a notification that said, "It's been 3 minutes since you last looked at your feed! Please, please come back to us or we'll start hurting ourselves! 😪"

Seriously, I have swiped away the same notifications 3 times in the same hour. It's gross.

@sikkdays there are notification options in preferences

@sikkdays I'm borderline on a mental breakdown when it comes to my potential future in a club I'm in because they've decided to use Instagram for club business organization because "everyone already has Instagram".
I don't know about anyone else, but I seriously doubt my ability to get anything concrete done for the club if I have to work on... Instagram Direct.

@taivlam Yes! This year I have vowed to drop FB, Twitter, and Insta because I'm not living my truth. Both for my mental health (icky social comparison) and because I want to promote open source/inclusive things like Masto. The "everyone has" argument can no longer be allowed. I just bought a new phone plan to talk to those people on those apps that I don't want to lose contact with.

@sikkdays Now that you've mentioned it, FB and IG are the top 2 mainstream social media sites that straight up make me depressed, inducing FOMO in its users and making users feel like "everyone is on a beautiful and hedonistic vacation fit for a travel agency brochure while you're living out your pathetic boring life".

@sikkdays However, whenever I'm on Mastodon, Pixelfed, &/or, I feel like my brain is actually challenged to figure out how to use these fediverse sites (in a good way; I'm not saying that the UX of these sites are terrible out of the box) and that I'm actually creating something/figuring out something (for myself, at the very least.)

@taivlam The self promotion in the fediverse also feels like, "Hey, I am a human and I would love some support."

On the centralized platforms it is more like, "I AM BRAND, BE BRAND WITH ME USING CASH."

@sikkdays Yeah, the advertising is crazy on FB and IG.
This is why I only used FB on web with all privacy browsers add-ons/extensions from (back when I had it, but I suspect Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin are the ones hard at work).
Also, I would never use the native IG Android app - I don't want to deal with them ads.

@sikkdays I logged out as part of #LogOutFacebook #LogOutInstagram and I started getting email notifications that I swear I opted out of years ago and hadn't received in years after just a single week. >_<

@shadowbottle @sikkdays I'm quite certain they do passive-agressive shit. I have noticed the same pattern of starting to receive email notifications years after unsubscribing but I have also noticed the opposite too: not getting notifications about direct messages (which was the only thing I had enabled) presumably so that awkward situations like missing a message would make me log in to facebook.

@sikkdays @jokeyrhyme Oh thanks for the reminder! Just deleted my account (not that I’ve used it since like 2011 but still).

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