My site looks decent enough. I just want to get more goodness flowing and I'm thinking of migrating.

So, I love what indieweb folks are doing with . That would require me to learn another thing and get a VPS.

I could stay with which I'm using for my art site. There's a small, small, tiny, smattering of folks who have some indieweb working. It also works on the shared hosting I have.

Then, there's coming around the corner.

Am I in a rush? I guess not?

@sikkdays check out

I just set up on there and love the platform. Super simple / easy to work with and no need to host it yourself.

@slackz I actually have a site as well. I paid for it. I like what @matt has done with it. It's a good suggestion.

I need to really analyze what my desires are. I like some of the stuff because of the ease for people to comment via their own sites, masto, etc. I also like that it is my home site connected to others and not the other way around, if that makes sense. Like write as feels like it is like medium/tumblr.

@slackz it feels that way to me, and that's something I should correct because @matt has worked to make private as people want it.

I am posting on the web, so I am throwing privacy out already. 😅 Maybe the artist in me just wants to add a bit of flair to my own blog. Gah, content is all that matters, me!

@sikkdays thanks for pointing this out. Last time I checked that very same page (the #indieweb wiki on #hugo) there was almost nothing there. I manually put some microformats into my personal site and my employer's. Both in Hugo.


The thing with microformats is that you *do* need to do that manually, but just once for your theme.

I happen to have my Hugo-drive site added to that wiki: Feel free to ask any questions try to bake in the #microformats2.



> and get a VPS.

The only thing I am spending money on is my domain. I do hosting and deployment for free with #Netlify.

@kaushalmodi You said, "get a VPS" but then you said you're only paying for the domain? Are you using Netlify with github to host a hugo site, so you aren't paying for a VPS?


Sorry for that confusing quoting. I did not say "get a VPS".

I just quoted you saying that, and presented my alternative approach:

1. Buy domain (optional)
2. Use Netlify
3. Host + deploy from any of the major git services: GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket
4. Free HTTPS, etc. aka profit

If you don't buy a domain, you can always host your site on

Summary: You can experiment the whole thing without spending a penny.


@kaushalmodi Thanks. I watched a tutorial on Netlify and thought that. I didn't realize that was a quote from me. Oops.

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